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Explaining the AAED

The 5 steps ofthe Africa Academy of Excellence and Development

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Statement

To make an indelible educational and training contribution into Africa’s economic emancipation and growth through the mastery of wealth creation skills by promoting establishing production units as well as services and reclaiming the productive capacities of the local peoples.


The establishment of an alternative Education and Training philosophy and concept for growing SADC flat economies that are people-centered.


Members and students of AAED shall be guided by;
Professionalism and collective action,
Technologically up to date services to the people
Promotion of technical abilities and honesty at all times
Integrity shall become the thread and greatest value to and by all
Respect honour and order shall form part of the good name of the academy
Innovation and creativity shall guide all our work
Inquisitiveness towards and about all facets of our African life
No discrimination tendencies of any kind will be allowed or expressed by all.

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